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Default Vintage Maple 1980s Fibes / Corder Drum Set - Improv (video)

I have three sets and have been experimenting with tuning, changing heads, mic placement, etc... lately. I made a video of my Yamaha Live Custom set a few days ago and posted it on this forum. Now here's one of my 1980s Corder drumset. I'm told it has Jasper shells, but I haven't really tried to figure that out.

Curious what you think of the tone and stuff! :)



I'm feeling creative today and fired up the Fibes / Corder set. The bass drum has a coated Ambassador on the reso side with a felt strip and no port hole. It also has a coated PS3 on the batter side with no felt strip or other muffling.

Toms are 10" and 16" with coated Ambassadors. Resos are clear Ambassadors. All cymbals are Paiste Giant Beats - 15", 18", 20", 24".

AKG D112 on the bass drum reso side (unported) and two Sterling Audio ST51 overheads.
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