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Default Re: Axis Longboard double pedal facelift

In the end I fastened some 3M velcro type strips to the bottom side
It was quite some fumbling to attach the main pedal to the kick practice pad - with the dw2002 this was a piece of cake. I had to add some rubber and then it worked.

Oops - that last pic - gigantic courgettes and cucumbers in various sizes... harvested a few weeks ago.

So how does it play? Hard to say, I need more time. In a way it feels cool and classy. I feel there's some inertia to those pedals - they keep rocking like crazy but they seem to have a bit less response than my dw cheapos. Well, short vs. long board. Plus, I haven't experimented with the setting options. Spring tension is slightly above average for now. What I don't like is the heel plate being too high. That heel block below the footplate is high enough so I could flex away a few mm and get the footplate some lower.

Sorry for the modest pic quality - I did them in the afternoon and we had poor weather/lighting.

When I got the pedals there were 2 screws missing - the footplates were attached to the heel block with one screw each, that would be 2 screws from stock. Additionally, I managed to somehow lose 1 more screw from that bass drum hoop holding piece. Good news is that I found 1 perfect replacement of those heel block screws in our garage - same thread, same colour (black), same length, same head! Plus a few more screws with the right diameter/thread but excess length but those can be shortened of course.
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