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Default Re: Anyone ever pull a gun at practice?

Originally Posted by Jeff Almeyda View Post
I'm not going to get into a gun debate here but you mentioned that people had their homes broken into and they were held hostage. Frankly, anecdotal evidence is irrelevant. I would need to see stats. But, just a quick question, do you know if any of those Texans (whom I assume have guns) actually defended their homes successfully with their guns?

And I know that that ship sailed long ago regarding guns in the US.

It's kind of funny that a New Yorker and a Texan are discussing guns. Anyone can tell how that is going to end up. For those outside the US, New York has the toughest gun control laws in the States and Texas is one of the champions of the pro-gun debate.

Anyway, lets just agree to disagree because we certainly are not going to convince the other of anything.

Take care.
You're not going to see stats. Here's why...

You've mentioned "successful defense" twice now, but what does that even mean? I could hear somebody busting a window during the night, grab a gun, and yell "I have a gun!", causing the perp to change his mind and bolt. Or let's say he actually gets in the house and I shoot him and he dies as a result of his injuries. I'd say in both instances I "successfully defended" my home, yet they have two very different outcomes. In other words, there's no folder to file that in. And that's if the incidents are even reported in the first place, which leads into the answer to your question...

Yes, I do personally know somebody who "successfully defended" their home. Years ago I had a friend who used his garage as a grow house. He was also a small-time dealer. Nice guy and great drummer, just caught up in the wrong line of work and the wrong people. One night, two thugs smashed a window to get into his house. These guys were associates of another dope dealer. He heard what was happening, grabbed a gun and confronted the guys. He didn't shoot, though. Just told them to get the **** out, which they did, promptly. My friend didn't report the incident. Who wants cops in their grow house, right? Yeah, he was into some pretty nefarious business, but it doesn't change the fact that he was still defending his property and potentially even his life.

Also, you seem to think it's ok to use guns for recreational purposes, but obviously not for home defense. Well, unless you only rent guns at the range, you have to take your guns home with you when you're done shooting. So, by default, you would also have the guns to defend your life and property, no? I really, really, really doubt that, in the midst of a break-in, somebody runs to grab a gun and then says "Oh, wait! I only use this gun for recreational purposes. Better find something else lol."

And FWIW, I hate the back-and-forth when it comes to guns, too. And I don't engage in it nearly as much I used to, for the reason you brought up about nobody's mind being changed. But I think gun debate is alright from time to time so long as it stays civil and doesn't descend into name calling and making broad generalizations.

So, fair enough. We shall agree to disagree.
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