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Default Re: My horrible Ludwig experience...

I know what happened. Either of two things:

(a) The CEO of Ludwig, in an attempt to determine the effectiveness of Monroe's QC department, made this drum in his garage, dressed up in workman's clothes (not unlike those reality TV shows) and put this on the assembly line ready for shipment.

(b) This drum was part of a QC training program at Ludwig's Monroe facility and it accidentally got shipped

(b1) This drum was part of a QC training program at Ludwig's Monroe facility and, because of some reason or other (plant closing?), they decided to try to get rid of it along with their other inventory

(c) This drum is part of a Returns training program at Ludwig's Monroe facility, and it was intentionally shipped to you, hoping you would return it, so they can see how their returns department handles it

If any of this is true, then you, Criz P. Critter, very well may be in store for a brand new free drum, a visit to the CEO's mansion AND garage, AND a ride up Willy Wonka's magic elevator!!

The CEO is waiting for your call!!!


Just kidding there! Couldn't resist :)

Edit: In the case of (c), and YOU DON'T RETURN IT, then Monroe thinks they can MAKE ALL THEIR DRUMS THIS WAY!!!
Edit2: If none of this is true, you still may be able to publicize this event, call the CEO, and get him to do whatever you want, including a brand new free drum
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