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Default Re: My horrible Ludwig experience...

Originally Posted by rhumbagirl View Post
That's alot to be wrong with a drum, regardless of price. 9 months too. It's almost as if some PR person got sick of dealing with you and decided to give you the worst of everything - lugs off, bearing edge f&*^ed, wrap not complete.
I half suspect that's exactly what happened. That the call from the rep got someone fired up to fix it quick and dirty, just to get it shipped.

And yes, I do believe there are knock-off products being sold on the market. Eg, some of the SKB cases I see look less quality than what I own. The badge would be off or not look quite right, but you can't point a finger to it. Or the inside of the padding is unglued.
I know what you mean, but I'm sure this was authentic. Yet if that's the case, the conclusion is even worse: that producing inferior quality products has become the norm for so many companies, with America leading the way down the toilet.
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