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Default Re: My horrible Ludwig experience...

Originally Posted by bermuda View Post
Honestly, I don't know about how the wrap sits, some companies do that routinely and I've stopped noticing one way or the other. But edges not true? Return it to the store for a refund, period. Let them feel some of the problem, and I guarantee that they'll have more of an impact on Ludwig than your giving everyone another chance to make it right.

These kind of drums certainly aren't the norm, although they shouldn't happen at all. There's been some real QC progress in Monroe over the last 2 years in particular, and it's hard to imagine that a drum with uneven edges could slip through.

It's also a bit embarrassing for me as an artist who helps toot their horn. My reputation and judgement for choosing Ludwig also comes into question when these things occur.

I've decided I'm going to return it. But the shop where I bought it has just gone out of business. I was wanting to keep them out of it, because they've got enough to deal with already, without me adding to their pain. But I realize I will have to get them involved and see how they want to deal with it.

I would assume that this snare isn't the norm, and yeah, how did this one slip through? But my whole experience with Ludwig so far has really tarnished their reputation for me. Obviously the way this ends up, how Ludwig deals with my problem, will either win back my loyalty, or totally turn me against them.

I understand how it could be embarrassing for you, but you've never pushed Ludwig in any threads I've ever read. You play them because you like them. You're faithful to the brand because they've for the most part worked hard to earn it. It's not your reputation on the line, it's Ludwig's. I just hope someone there will have the integrity and pride in the brand to fix this for me. Then I too will feel good about supporting them again. Mistakes happen. It's what we do to fix our mistakes that really matters.
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