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Default Re: DW9002 beater position

Originally Posted by XplosiveDrummer View Post
I've noticed, with my Tama IC's, that it takes less spring tension on the slave to get good rebound. So I usually have the main tighter by a few threads. That may not be the best for every double pedal but it works for me and this one.
This would be consistent with my conclusion above, that the total resistance on the SLAVE beater is the spring tension plus the resistance of the drive shaft U joints (which is dependent on the angle of those joints, and some minor resistance from ball bearings, in which case the DW9002 has some of the smoothest, if not THE smoothest bearings). So you need less spring tension, because the remaining tension is brought by the resistance in the drive shaft and bearings.

As for the main pedal and how it's set up, I'm not sure how much work you do with your right foot.
I do alot. I've played single my entire life. The DW9002 slave part stayed in a box until very recently. And because I play entirely jazz, I don't see myself trying to play more than a couple of notes here and there, within empty spots in a fill.

I suppose if you don't lift a lot to where it allows the beater to come back all that much then it may work for you but I just can't believe you're not destroying the top of your foot lol. The footboard may not be all that bad, as I believe Tony Royster Jr has his 9000's up quite a bit but either way like others feel, I think the beater could be moved forward quite a bit lol. :)
The photo shows the static position of the pedal. That footboard actually is very low - at its lowest setting - when in the playing position. The only thing weird about it is getting your foot INTO the playing position.

You're actually being counter effective. For the same kind of tension as you get with it that far back, you can have it with the beater much closer. I too like a bit of distance and a longer stroke but that just seems too excessive. Though like I said, you may not move your foot enough to where it allows the beater to come back and hit your foot and you may play like that either because you're trying to keep it from hitting your foot or because that's just how you play.
Let me make a video today and post what my foot looks like playing. Be aware that my double pedal work is crap compared to what I can do sitting at a bus stop in my tennis shoes :)

Either way I now hate you knowing you have 9000's for pedals lol! :P :)
Hah! You should hate me because I got a good deal on ebay. I may end up going for the IC. And I think the hip is on the Rolling Glide for sensitivity. I've been very happy with the DW9000, which is code for the master part of the DW9002. I like the way it's built and the way it looks. I'm glad I don't like the round lugs on DW drums, because then I'd have to fork up a lot of $$$$ to play them. DW pedals and hardware, including the AirLift throne, are good to go for me!!

I was a Speed King user prior to that, which = 20 yrs of playing = 20 yrs of a cam/hinge wearing a hole in the bottom of the BD head :)

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