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Default Re: DW9002 beater position

Originally Posted by wildbill View Post
I'm a little hesitant to say anything more, in case it sounds critical instead of helpful.

But I think maybe you should try lowering the foot board a bit, reducing the beater angle, and tightening the spring up a little.
It sounds like somehow you've come to avoid any tension on the spring. Don't be afraid of it - spring tension is your friend - LOL
If spring tension really is a problem for you, you could also try a little weaker spring of the same length.

All that said, if how you have it set up is working good for you, and you don't want to change it, then maybe your only option is to reduce the angle on the slave beater. This might require more spring tension on the slave side, which might also be your weaker foot. That might cause some type of imbalance problem.

I hope you let us know how you resolve your dilemma.
Bill, the footboard is already at its lowest setting, which was made by the adjustment at the top of the spring. Again, it looks high in the static position because the beater weight is pulling it up against zero spring tension.

Originally Posted by eclipseownzu View Post
I would say that yes, your slave and master pedal set ups should be as similar as possible. You want to create as little lag in the slave pedal as possible. The best way to do this is to set them up so you can lead with either foot and have the same beater velocity. The key is balance.
Part of the problem with that is the slave is always going to have some extra resistance due to the angles at the drive shaft U joints. You can see this in the photo, as the slave beater - with same spring tension and same foot board height - is higher than the master beater. But that said, as most drummers play with a static beater position in the 45 deg area, the slave beater can be adjusted such that the total [of drive shaft U joint resistance plus spring tension] brings the beater to the same position as the master.

Unless your static beater position is 80-90 deg.

In summary, I have to conclude that: All double BD pedals with two beaters over the master footboard, have an issue with slave beater hitting master foot in the case above (high percentage of beater travel with spring tension), in which case, one would have to assume that for double BD work, one needs to learn to play in a lower percentage position, eg 45-50 deg

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