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Default Re: A tale of two Iron Cobras

Originally Posted by eclipseownzu View Post
Go play a set of 9000's and I think you will find them to be every bit as smooth as an Iron Cobra.
Oh I would love to try the 9000 for a while to see if I like it. Matter of fact and I don't know if you seen my thread recently but they had the older 9000 double pedal on sale for $299 and I didn't make it up to GC on time! It was only a 3 day freakin sale lol!!

I'm actually really thinking of buying a used 9000 single just to try it out for a while and then return it. Two things that bother me is, I don't like buying used as you really don't know the condition of it or how "clean" a person was when they owned it and then you really don't know if you're getting the true performance out of it when it's used. Even ones in excellent condition, you just never know if it's at it's optimum working condition. Though I suspect it should be good enough. It's not really fair to buy things brand new to test them only to return them. I would think it hurts both the drum company and GC. Probably best to try used as they have a 30 day return on them usually.
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