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Default Re: Yamaha CS 755 weight?

I already own mostly light, single braced hardware. Still, I calculated that if I replaced all my stands with Yamaha 600 and 700 models (only straight stands, no boom), I could shave off 2,5kg from the total weight. Deduct another half a kilo by replacing my Gibraltar throne base with the single braced equivalent and I'd have reduced the total weight from about 27,5kg to 24,5kg. That makes a difference when everything is stored in one single hardcase. I can't practice at home, I have to transport my kit to a studio each time I want to play.

I tried out my 21" ride on a 600 series straight stand and it was sturdy enough.
The common, unfounded fear is that lighter stands risk toppling over when you put bigger cymbals on them. The only way that's going to happen is if you extend the stand to full height, mount a very heavy 20" cymbal and tighten it down with the nut and some very hard felt so that it's as rigid as possible, then hit it as hard as possible with the biggest sticks you can find. Even then, I doubt that the stand would actually fall over. But who plays like that anyway?

Drummers of the world, rise up against heavy duty hardware!

OK, getting a wee bit carried away here...
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