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Default Re: My Vintage Mid 60's Slingerland Jazz Kit

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post

What's the staining on the mounted tom bearing edge Bob?
Thanks Andy,
The dark on the shell appears to be from the glue that was used to hold the wrap. It is sanded off where head meets edge.
Vintage drums were not made to the standards of today.
The left spur mount was mounted 3/8" lower on the shell than the right one.
I took off the factory high tom mount and there is a 1/2 inch hole drilled right in the center of the bolt pattern for the mount???
This is what you frequently find on old drums.
I will make an insert to turn the hole into a vent because there is no vent.
I plugged the small holes for the mount with black plastic automotive body fasteners.
You hardly notice them against the Black wrap.

Thanks opentune

Thanks Jim, good to see you here.
I kind of like old drums:)
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