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Default Re: My horrible Ludwig experience...

What probably happened is, someone found out about the screw up on the order, and the time, and they "rushed one out".

I've stated before that this hasn't been my experience with Ludwig quality, but NO WAY would I accept something like this. Lugs being drilled in off positions? A crooked butt plate? Bad edges on a LEGACY FLAGSHIP DRUM someone is paying $600 for (list price must be way higher)?
The badge being wrong on the order is the icing on the cake too. They should have had an order pick ticket with all the info on it with the shell having their SKU numbers on it.

My old Black Cortex 3ply bass drum has the wrap to the edge. I don't know what their policy on cutting back wrap is, but Cortex and the Glass finishes are thicker, so they may just be playing it safe by knocking it back these days.

When I had my older Ludwig shells re-wrapped with Black Glass Glitter, it is cut back because it's a lot thicker. Ludwig did not do my re-wrap though.

Is this drums finish Cortex, or just White wrap?

I would send a message to Ludwig about this.
I'd even send Kevin Packard a FB message about this experience. This is the kind of thing they don't want, and they need to know. Guy's like him are the face of Ludwig out there now, and when I have talked and corresponded with him, he seemed pretty dang sincere about the company wanting GREAT stuff out there, and NOT having things like this "slip through the cracks".

This situation blows, and I am sorry to hear about it.
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