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Default Re: DW9002 beater position

Hi Bill,

I took some time thinking about the way it is set up - the master beater at least.

(1) The spring is too stiff, because when have my foot on the pedal with it fully depressed - beater contacting the head - the tension required me to loosen the spring as much as I could. Hence, when I take my foot away, there's zero tension on the spring, and there's nothing to keep the weight of the beater from falling past the apex - the point associated with a spring that is perfectly vertical.

(2) You are correct in that it makes it a little unusual getting your foot into playing position. But once it's there, it feels and operates just like any other setup.

(3) The only thing I've done is increase the percentage (from 45 deg to 80 deg) of the beater travel that is under spring tension.

So I think the real culprit of my setup is a spring that is too stiff. Because if it was less stiff, I'd be able to tension it tighter such that it has some remaining tension at the apex position - the position where the spring is perfectly vertical and hence is at its shortest length - yet isn't too tight at the fully depressed position (beater contacting head)

I'll make a video of it in use and post it in the coming days. I don't think the master beater is hitting my foot. Although the slave beater certainly does, either from my foot running into it in its static position (no slave foot on it), or the beater hitting my foot when the slave foot transitions off the pedal to the hihat.

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