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Default Re: My horrible Ludwig experience...

I am sorry to hear about your disappointing experience. I would have to say...

Take that Jive Turkey back to the funny farm!

No need to pay good money for a hack job. In some ways it is just a sloppy third-rate attempt to fill an order. But, at some level, I would begin to take personal offense to someone trying to pass off this hack job as a something to be paid for, and worse, a special order of a high-end snare.

I would take it back to the store right away and politely explain why you need your money back and that they can give you a call when they have the snare that you ordered. And I would politely ask what they can do to make the situation right. Be polite, but firm in your expectations.

I would agree with others here saying to take it back to where you purchased it. Let them own part of the problem. But document who you talk to, and what they say, and when they say they can get the real drum you ordered back to you.

I would also send a run-down of the situation to Ludwig with pics. Tell them that you and your on-line drum community are interested in seeing how this plays out. I would explain that I know that mistakes happen, but the true measure of a company is how it corrects those mistakes and learns from it.

Good luck brother!

Keep us posted.