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Default Re: DW9002 beater position

Originally Posted by rhumbagirl View Post

(a) Does the slave beater absolutely need to me the same position as the master beater?
(b) Why do I see so many double pedals setup with the beater's static position more at the 45 degree area?



Wow - is that how you play your pedal - seriously?

It's amazing how differently people can set stuff up and have it work for them. If I tried to play that, the top of my foot would be bruised, if not bloody - LOL. It looks like I'd have a hard time even fitting my foot in the gap between the pedal and the beater.

My 9000 (single), and the rest of my pedals are set up so that the foot boards are as low as they can go without hitting anything on the bottom when they're fully depressed. And the beater is about 4 to 5 inches from the head. Probably less than 45 degrees, but I never really measured the angle.

About the slave/master angles - I think most people set them up about even so that there is consistency in the amount of travel of both the beaters and the feet, to produce similar results. You probably wouldn't want to have one foot traveling 5 inches down and the other 1 inch, for example. It would be difficult to get similar loudness on the hits, and your legs and feet (and brain) might not deal well with that much variation.

About beater angles, I can't speak for others, but at 45 degrees, there is a little safety factor to prevent the beater from hitting the top of the foot if it over returns after a hit. There's also not too much excess motion or travel required from the start point, to the point of contact with the head.

Your setup wouldn't work at all for me, but that's not what counts. Use whatever works for you. But I think it's good to try to make it comfortable, and have a setup that avoids excess effort and non productive motion.
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