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Default Re: Yamaha Live Custom Drums with Remo Vintage Emperor heads... (video)

Originally Posted by Artstar View Post
Here is one with the sort of lame Yamaha remo heads.. and No Hole in front. Sounds OK for the stock heads..
Yeah, those sound massive in that video. Mine sound the same in person with clear heads. The stock heads are supposedly real Remo Emperors, Ambassadors, and Powerstroke 3s.

I put clear Ambassador on the batters for a little while and they sounded like cannons, but weren't the easiest to tune IMO. I just kinda went the opposite direction a few days ago by putting on these thicker Vintage Emperor coated heads and the coated PS 3 on the bass batter and PS3 smooth white on the bass reso.

They are alot easier to tune, but I think I'm hearing alot more of the head than the shell at this point. The shell does make the toms project alot, though. This rack tom is the loudest 12" rack tom I've ever owned without a doubt.
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