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Default DW9002 beater position

Hi guys,

I've owned my DW9002 double pedal for 7 years now. Great pedal. Bought it used off ebay and it shows no issues or signs of letting up :)

The question I have is, I've been using the pedal in single mode up until very recently when I decided to perform in a GC drumoff, and because I had the beater "static" position on the master pedal set as far back as it could go, does that mean my other foot - the slave pedal - should have the same beater position? Because if so, then that slave beater is in the way of my master foot, when my slave foot is on the HH.

(a) Does the slave beater absolutely need to me the same position as the master beater?
(b) Why do I see so many double pedals setup with the beater's static position more at the 45 degree area?

Here's a video illustrating the problem:

Here's photos:


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