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Default Re: A tale of two Iron Cobras

Originally Posted by AirborneSFC View Post
Rolling Glide - The cam on this one is round. I come from an old school (Camco) pedal background so I had been used to the round cam for a long while. Having replaced my Power Glide version with this one I found naturally it does not hit quite as hard. For me this is a non issue; I can lay hard onto a bass drum even with a cheap pedal. More importantly this pedal follows every nuance of my foot. It almost feels like a natural extension of my foot. I was playing 16th notes steadily at 92bpm within a few small adjustments. I had bursts up to 110 but I am still dialing it in.
I have the DW9000, which has an adjustable cam. I found out the same thing, that I felt more comfortable with a more round-shaped cam (less acceleration, better sensitivity). For years I've owned this pedal but only recently became aware of the various settings. And before I made the changes, when my pedal had alot of acceleration, my doubles would often end with a third extra hit from the beater. That doesn't happen anymore. And my doubles seem clearer than they used to be.

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