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Default Re: My Vintage Mid 60's Slingerland Jazz Kit

It is OK for Old to Meet New!
Automotive Hot Rodder's do it all the time.
They take a car or truck body from the past and they add new things to it.
It is a good thing when this is done correctly.
What I am doing is building the modern jazz kit that John Good and the DW team tried to build.
I am marrying vintage drums to modern hardware in a way that will be positive!

I like the concept of cymbals that are suspended over the bass drum, but I don't like cymbal holders that slip and don't have memory locks.
I like Rail Consolette tom mounting, but I don't like drums that are choked by not having an isolation mount and I hate it when my tom wobbles while I am playing it.
I want strong floor tom legs with memory locks.
I like a bass drum lifter that becomes part of the drum and does not clamp to the hoop.
I also carved out the hoop so that the pedalboard can pass through when the BD lift is installed.

I don't want a museum piece!
That is not my goal with these drums.
I already have museum pieces.
I want a kit that I will enjoy because I have experienced both vintage kits, and modern improvements in hardware.
I want a kit that incorporates the things that I like the most.
That is what I am putting together here.
I am making something for myself, and I am sharing myself with you.
These drums sat for over 40 years with no one playing them, I am going to play them everyday and I am going to love them.
In other words; Relax, I know What I Am Doing! :)
I kind of like old drums:)
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