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Default Re: Calling All Bad Back Drummers: Ergokinetic Thrones

I'll make another statement, I've been using my CARMICHALE for over a month now and honestly I feel better every time I use it. Im 'burning in' to it.

I have not left a gig/session, or got up from practice with negative back sensation since I started playing on the CARMICHALE, its truly amazing. How's that???

I used to always be tweeked, have some back discomfort after 2-3hrs on my old torture type thrones, after days in a row of 3+ hrs i didn't want to play drums, needed a rest, you know the feeling, your body/back just says no more for awhile. The CARMICHALE continues to blow my mind, I do actually feel better after I come off of it.

The market is in need of a lightweight throne base that can handle some weight, there's not one out there know of, solid spindles are heavy, add weight, tubes don't hold b/c standard pot metal clamps stretch.

Maybe a precision steel clamp to use on a steel tube, that'd be a weight saver which could hold, they don't exist tho. I've found out everyones 1" tubbing is a little different size which could complicate matters with a steel clamp.
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