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Default Re: My horrible Ludwig experience...

I feel sorry for anyone who's had their hopes dashed by such experiences. I'll leave comments on the remaining points to others, but specifically on the wrap, I fail to see any good reason for applying a wrap like that. Perhaps if the bigger clearance was on the reso side (if needed), because the reso head hoop tensions further into the shell than the batter head, but this is the wrong way round for that to be the reason. I can only conclude carelessness.

I know you don't want to deal with all the grief of returns & chasing up, but for the sake of other customers, if not yourself, return that drum. It's also important to Ludwig. Getting returns is how they learn what's actually going on, & puts evidence in front of them that they can follow up & act upon. The moment you let Bill do the edges (even though he'd do a great job), your warranty claim is gone, & anyhow, why the hell should you pay for rectification.

Good luck.