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Default Re: Evans new Level 360 drum heads

I have used Aquarian and Evans both in past. I loved the warmth from Aquarian bass drum heads, but the Evans films always has had a much brighter clarity in the snare heads..especially the ST film.
The ST heads are what got me into Evans to begin with.

Over time, I have found Evans to be much more consistent though. Hate saying it , but I have had a ton of problems with Aquarian heads lately too- and never used to have any trouble with them. Not just problems w/ one head, but issues w/ many of them and been happening for awhile; a lot of QC problems with their heads, and even w/ ones ive sent back to em? it still happens. I stopped playing remo due to QC and inconsistency and dont want same stufff with Aquarian..

anyway,so just recently brought a whole Evans set of heads for my kit, toms, bass drum, everything! Super Tough on snares( Not dry model- much prefer the standard ST) , G2 clears on toms, Genera Resos for bottom of toms, and Emad2s for bass drums.
These new Level 360 heads are the real deal, noticeable difference in tuning and precise too. These Evans heads really make my drums sing.
I think its a great thing and they took a great product and made it better.
One thing for Evans :
wish they offered more batter+ reso head options in 26" and 28" bass heads, as the other head companies already do- theyre missing that in their line.
but beyond that theyre pretty awesome :)

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