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Default Re: I just started drums after almost 40 years on guitar....

Yea, I think I will go with Reference Toms with natural finish. At first, I had just wanted a bsss, snare, and hi hat to work on. The V-Drums with mesh pads sound very good ltriggering addictive drums with a quality sound card. So I thought, I'll get some acoustics......and after research I decided I wanted a small pearl reference, so I got one relatively cheap that was new. I wanted a smaller one, so I found the 20x18....after hearing it, I thought i would get some shells to match it......I mean, it sounds tight, with a vintage type deep sound, but with more punch and much less interior 'reverb' --exactly what I had wanted. So I'm hooked.

I've also thought about getting some birdseye maple master's mcx toms because those shells sound pretty tight also, a bit brighter perhaps and less expensive.

I guess I have the luxury of doing it because I love it!
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