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Default Re: Calling All Bad Back Drummers: Ergokinetic Thrones

I ordered a Carmichael seat top yesterday. Can't wait til it arrives... which will be in a while because it's coming all the way from the US to France.

I haven't played in a while for various reasons so I unpacked and set up my trusty old Gibraltar throne to gauge whether I really needed to replace it.

The answer is a clear yes!

I'd barely sat down and I could already feel the seat foam condense and press up into my spine, just like Les described. My current back troubles made me all the more aware of the problem. However, I realise now that this has been the cause for the increasing discomfort I've had over the years, making drumming a very unpleasant experience.
I understand now that it's not possible to find good balance while resting your body weight on your spine, especially while performing such a physical activity such as drumming. You're constantly trying to compensate for that lack of balance and your body pays the price.

I won't make any statements about the Carmichael seat and it's effect until I've tried it out. However, I'm really hoping that it does turn out to be the game changer that others have declared it to be. I want to have fun drumming again, not pain.

On a last note, I'm starting to look for a lightweight, yet sturdy throne base that will accomodate the Carmichael top. My Gibraltar would work well but it weighs a lot and I'd like to cut down on the combined weight of my hardware. Any suggestions?
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