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Default Re: My Vintage Mid 60's Slingerland Jazz Kit

I think that Sling did not put badges on toms in the 60's.yours are from the right time period for that.

Vintage era Bop size kits are among the most valuable,esp from the 60's,with Gretsch Round badge and Camco oaklawn bringing crazy money,in the 4000.00 6000.00 for prime / desirable examples.Slings seem to for reasons I don't really understand do not bring near as much,but with a matching artist snare I would think would be worth at least 1200.00

Of course they are your drums to do whatever you want with,I dig vintage drums,but I also think they should be played,but if they are all original with no extra holes I would implore you to see if you can make them work for your application without irreversible mods.

Congrats on a nice kit and I think you will dig the vintage mojo.
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