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Default Re: I just started drums after almost 40 years on guitar....

Originally Posted by stellar92010 View Post
OK, I admit it, I'm definitely an equipment junkie.
We all get to that point sometime, or what ever our wallet, wife or girlfriend will allow us to lol! I personally have a hole burning in my pocket as I am wanting this 13x7 snare badly. The sound of it is just absolutely perfect! I really don't want to give away the name of it because I want it to stay an unknown gem of a snare lol.

Anyway, those are choices you'll have to make when it comes time to buying some toms. I personally am quite curious as to how you come about that Pearl bass drum and why or how you plan to piece together a kit. Is it going to mismatch? Are you going to get more Pearl Reference toms in a natural finish? Plus and considering your situation and how you're going about this, I would have went with a complete and used intermediate kit instead of spending that kind of money on something you are just starting to learn. You seem to be going about getting a kit in a difficult way. Though it's your money and I am not, in any way, saying what you should do. Just for the money you possibly could have gotten a full set in great shape and of great quality to start out on for a few years.

As for heads, it's all part of the fun of learning what you want regarding sound and feel. It's ok to ask for suggestions but trust me in the long run, it's all about testing things.
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