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Originally Posted by Hollywood Jim View Post
Where are they in the picture?

I can't see them.................

That's the idea! Ha Ha!

Originally Posted by lefty2 View Post
It's a good thing those shells are moisture resistant. I they were ply drums, they'd of come apart. It looks like they were exposed to a lot of moisture. It looks to me that some of it will not clean up at all, like the down post on the kick. Needs to be rechromed. Which you can have a business in your area do. Some of the lugs might clean up with chrome cleaner/ polish. I've been surprised a couple of times when I used Brazo, to clean rusty drum parts. Congrats on you find. Those drums are cool. My son has some orange ones.
The previous owner kept these on the back porch and used to play a lot of beach gigs. I don't mind that they are not collector quality. I got them pretty cheap. Maybe I'll spray paint the rest of the hardware to match the hoops!

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