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Default This is what a rookie Drummer but seasoned guitarist is starting with....

So, my setup--and I am just picking up drums after years of guitar/bass in jazz and rock--is a roland V-kit with all mesh heads--4 toms, 3 crashes, hhat, ride, that triggers addictive drums (i dont use the module kits) I also have Emulator x3 synth, reason, cubase 5, and I used an EMU-1616m and 0404 sound cards because of the versatility. For effects on this kit, I have a UAD-2 DSP card with channel strips/eq, etc, and a lexicon M400 outboard reverb. It has a GREAT drum sound--but you have to know how to set it up.....

My acoustics are 1) a 20x18 pearl reference bass 2) Pearl 3x13 brass piccolo snare and 3) pearl 14x6.5 Ian Paice Steel signature snare. I put Remo renaissance emperor heads on the snares and improved the sound 100% on both of them. I'll be picking up reference toms and cymbals for the acoustic kit--im done with the V-drum kit. Here are the pics.....
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