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Default Re: I just started drums after almost 40 years on guitar....

OK, I admit it, I'm definitely an equipment junkie. Maybe I'll go with 10/12/13/14 rack toms with no floor tom. that might be a nice jazz/easy listening/ type of kit. I'm working on what heads to use, and deciding on cymbals.

Now, I searched forums for advice on drum heads, I looked at about 40 or 50 peoples recommendations and now I have 40 or 50 combinations of heads to try. LOL.

I was at first going to say "wow I like Ian Paice, I'll get all paiste cymbals" etc, but i've found I like a combo of paiste and zildjian i.e. paiste ride and fast crashes, zildjian hi hats and crashes, but I do love the sound of reference series drums. It's just painful to have to pay like, $600 or $700 for one tom.

But then again, quality cymbals aren't cheap and neither is hardware or stands. I'm wondering how drummers build a quality kit at the prices for drum gear.

But if it is like guitar/bass playing I have learned one immutable truth in the last 40 years, if you want a good sound, and equipment that lasts, you have to pay for it (though there are some quite good low end korean/japanese made guitars, for example, that sound excellent)

That's my 2 cents to learn another tune.
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