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Default Re: Short video: Pearl floor tom air suspension feet

I just have to chime in...I have recently added the Pearl iso feet to my floor tom legs on my Yamaha club custom 14" and 16" floor toms...and absolutely, no question...big improvement. I want these on all my floor toms now...(gulp..I currently have a lot of floor toms) I buy every new set that comes into my local drum department (only one set in at a time haha).

These have my vote for most effective under $10 drum upgrade of all time.
And much more effective than any isolation mount I have ever experienced. Rims, YESS, Opti-Mounts, etc etc etc

Nice goin' Pearl!

BTW, their hoop saver metal plate is also a great inexpensive accessory. Really protects the hoop where your pedal attaches and won't disintegrate like the rubber solutions...

Crank the Reso

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