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Default Re: My Vintage Mid 60's Slingerland Jazz Kit

So it is really rare to the point that it may be worth more than what I paid? Someone mentioned $4000. I didn't think that they were that rare, and Slingerland never goes for the big bucks like Gretsch Round Badges and Ludwig Vintage Keystones in those sizes do.
I will post pics tomorrow afternoon and we will sort this out with all of you Slingy experts out there.
I have 14 days to get money back if they aren't up to snuff so it is a safe deal.
Caddy, I paid more than $400 :)
Larry, His name is Sandy Hook Duck and he is a real cool bud.

Here is some info; The kit includes a 5"x14" matching Artist Snare 8 lug.
There are badges on the Snare and Bass drum only, # 77,762 on the Snare, # 77,775 on the Bass Drum putting them at '65
The drums are stamped '65 in the snare and '64 in the Toms. The toms have no badges as far as I know.
The interior of the shells are clear.
My guess is that a bass drum from a Jet kit was combined with standard offerings from the Jazz combo series in a custom order. The buyer didn't like vent holes so he ordered the toms without badges and holes.

My first kit back in 1971 was a 60's Slingerland in 20, 12, 16 sizes. I loved it, but here are the things that I didn't like about it.
They are as follows;
Bass drum spurs.
Rail consolette and tom mount.
Bass drum mounted cymbal holder.
Floor tom legs.
These are the things that I will update and improve on this kit that I have just purchased.
keep in mind that this is going to be my daily working Jazz kit that I both practice and gig with.
This baby is gonna get played a lot!
I kind of like old drums:)

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