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Default Re: Anyone ever pull a gun at practice?

Originally Posted by MrInsanePolack View Post
I'm just curious, but is there a reason that you probably would never own a gun? I know it is a personal decision, and have no problem with anyone's decision to own or not own a gun. But I do often wonder why that some people seem to not want to own one when they have no issues with gun ownership. Again, this is just curiosity.

As far as stupidity and ignorance, I couldn't agree more.
The chance of you, a family member or a guest getting shot goes up astronomically if you keep a gun in the home. If you do not have a gun in your home, it is pretty much impossible for anyone to be accidentally shot in your home, or intentionally shot with a gun you own. That fact alone is good enough reason for many people to not want a firearm in their home. Keeping that in mind, most guns in homes never shoot anyone, intentionally or not.
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