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Default Re: Iron cobra chrome questions.

Nice thread! The IC's are amazing at all costs, I Own a pair myself.

As a suggestion, I think you should adjust the pedals to your preferred angle that will also reduce friction given out by the (angled) drive shaft. In my case (According to my playing style of course), I have a need to keep the slave pedal in proportion to the master pedal cause at some point it makes my strokes a lot smoother when I'm at a speed of 180-200BPM. But hey, it varies from person to person depending on their style as well. This is just a suggestion, worth a try!

I May also add that, oiling the important parts would do a better job in getting the best out of the mighty Iron Cobras.

I'm not a fan of 'Heel-Toe' per se, but this video instructs a couple of maintenance tips that'll help.

PS: I'm new to this forum, so could someone tell me how to initiate a post? Thanks much!
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