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Default Yamaha Live Custom Drums with Remo Vintage Emperor heads... (video)

I pretty much described everything in the video description, so I"ll just paste it below. Sorry to be so impersonal. lol...

Just put some Remo Vintage Emperors on the toms (12" and 16"), a Coated Powerstroke 3 on the bass drum batter side (22"), and Smooth White Powerstroke 3 on the bass drum reso side. 5" hole in the reso head with an Evans EQ Pad pillow thing and an AKG D-112 inside the bass drum.

Also, two Sterling Audio ST51 mics as overheads.

Drums are Yamaha Live Custom oaks in 14"x22", 15"x16", and 8"x12" sizes. Snare is a Pearl Sensitone Elite brass version that's 5"x14" with a coated Remo Ambassador on the batter side. All cymbals are Paiste Giant Beats - 15", 18", 20", and 24" ride.
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