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Default Re: Anyone ever pull a gun at practice?

Seems a bit too casual with his firearm. That's not only dangerous, but disrespectful. If you end up having rehearsal in that space with him around again, be prepared to say something should it pop up. Me? I would say something snotty like, "Hope you won't be swinging that gun around my face again."

I've played a gig where I sat in, and the bass player had a revolver in his belt behind his back. Before he put his bass on, he pulled the gun from the front of his pants and moved it to the back. I was staring at that thing practically the whole gig. I didn't feel in danger, but it was kinda weird.

I know one of my bandmates is always packing, but you'd never know it because he doesn't flash it around like this bozo at your rehearsal. Actually, I wouldn't have ever known unless he wouldn't have told me. It was a "just so you know, I have a gun on me at all times" disclaimer, so I nobody would get anxious if we caught a glimpse of it. He's very responsible and considerate (and a good shot, I hear...).
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