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Default Re: Anyone ever pull a gun at practice?

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Apparently not as safe as he thinks he is if he put you in a potentially harmful situation. Unfortunately getting a concealed carry permit is not that hard to do. I see too many people, time after time, that don't know how to be safe with a firearm. The worst is when somebody buys a gun, goes to show it off to their friends, and muzzle sweeps everyone in the room because they don't know how to properly handle it safely.

If you had an issue with it being there, you have every right, for your own safety, to request that it not be at practice. If he is reasonable and responsible, he will take you request wholeheartedly, and not give you the "but it is my gun and I am safe with it" speech.
for sure if we ever do this double band practice again I will say something. I hope we don't, it was a long night. They told me wed night that we are doing a triple bill with them and another band this Saturday night. I realllly hope he isn't packing at the bar because that is asking for trouble.

the more I think of it, I was probably more negatively affected by this than I originally thought.