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Default Re: Picked up some ATLAS mounts and other goodies.

Originally Posted by steverok View Post
How do you know this Karl ?
Because I've had the toms on RIMS, and tried the ATLAS and it sounds better :-)

I only use one tom now, and the set up doesn't need for me to mount the tom off a cymbal stand anymore, otherwise I'd be out a few $$ re-fitting about 6 toms....eesh.

I have the tom in a snare basket (with rubber basket clamps), but I use the 'Lil Booty Shakers on it, and the tom sings like it does when you hold a drum with your fingers by the rim. Those things are great!

The ATLAS mount is not wimpy at all. It's pretty dang heavy duty. It will move a little bit because of the suspension design, so it's not just a huge static block holding the tom.
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