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Default Re: Cymbal flight cases

Originally Posted by LiEun View Post
Hi, I'm going on tour in just over a month and I need to fly my cymbals out from Manchester airport. I have a hardcase but I'm not sure I'm happy with how secure my cymbals will be when the luggage handlers are throwing it around.
Does anyone know where or how to get hold of flight cases for cymbals, or have any advice on alternative (and possibly cheaper) options?

Thanks for your help

I used to work in Manchester, for an airline. Don't expect any airline to be "accommodating" about transporting your cymbals as some have suggested.

I would avoid a case with a central spindle. Another poster already explained why.

When I moved abroad I sent my cymbals in a decent cymbal bag which in turn was well packed into a sturdy carboard box. I sent them via UPS and it was almost certainly cheaper than paying the airline's extra baggage fee. The delivery was super quick. UPS only deal with companies but you can use a middle man such as Mailboxes Etc, which is what I did. They have branches everywhere.

Of course this solution only works if you have a single destination, not if you have several flights during your tour.
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