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Default Yamaha HH65 pedal triggering problem

My HH65 has been needing extra pedal pressure to trigger the closed cymbals sound. I found the pedal pushes down on a curved rubber block with 4 small ridges underneath it which progressively activate separate switch-pads. I think the problem was due to the rubber block not pressing enough on the last pad (furthest from the block's fixed end). So I tried raising it's mounting bracket slightly by moving 2 flat washers from the screw heads to underneath the bracket and to my surprise the cymbal triggering improved with less foot pressure required. I wouldn't raise it much more just in case it affects any of the other 3 pads operating properly. The pic shows how I've also raised the pedal angle a bit by moving the toe bracket to the pedal underside.
This might help anyone else with a sore left ankle.
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