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Originally Posted by jpekarek
Like him or not, Neil Peart if a household word all over the world. I'm not speaking to his skill or abilities, just the fact that he is a little bigger than most kids think.
A household word? I don't think so. The only reason I'd ever heard of Neil Peart and Rush was because I read Modern Drummer. I got to the age of 24 without ever hearing a Rush tune. No friend of mine in the whole of England has even heard of Rush - I'm being serious. They have a huge following, sure, but their popularity is a long way from the level you assume it to be.

Zardoz - Peart is the second most influential drummer behind Buddy Rich, is he? What's happened to Ringo?!

Don't get me wrong, I do now own the Chronicles and I enjoy it (with Finn on the lyrics though), but some of the things said about this guy are really stretching credibility.
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