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Default Re: Picked up some ATLAS mounts and other goodies.

Originally Posted by bermuda View Post
Man, everyone gets these things before I do!

Well, I did finally get some mounts, and am changing over my RIMS on all of my rack toms. Here's a before & after:

Nice & clean look, and they take up a little less space than the RIMS. As with old school shell mounts, I can change heads while the drum is mounted. As predicted, they've included inserts that allow the mount to work with 3/8" and 10.5mm posts (and of course today's common 12.7mm.)

Bermuda, how is the tom sound now, using Atlas, compared to your old RIMS ? Were those the Vibrabands with the Ludwig bracket ? I have a new Vistalite kit with Vibrabands, and the bracket is really wimpy. It doesn't reliably hold my 13" rack tom. I am also wondering if this new Atlas bracket is more heavy-duty and strong than the old wimpy Ludwig bracket.
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