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Default Re: Any tips for 'useful fidgeting'?

I've always been a finger & toe tapper.. going back to high school where I would drive my teachers around the bend sometimes! BUt.. fidgeting can be good for you.. it relieves stress and studies have shown that a good fidgeter can burn roughly 300 calories a day - which might partially explain my lean physique - I haven't gained weight (other than muscle mass) over the past 30 years!

In any case the fidget I use is 'heels down' double kick exercises.. often in conjunction with my hands on knees. It's great because you can do it anywhere, like sitting at a desk.. I often play patterns, rudiments, and combinations of hands and feet. Great practice for double kick and hihat foot independence as well. Use your feet as hands (singles, doubles, paraddidles, double paradiddles, triplet patterns etc. etc.). Ray Luzier has some great examples of hand foot combinations ( I think I saw some videos on this site a long time ago). One cool one I remember was;


String that together in various ways.. it will keep you fidgeting for years! :)
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