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I hate to see people arguing and getting petty over Neil Peart! I never could figure out why people get so polarized over different drummers - I think of it more like flavors of ice cream. You just like what you like!

Anyway, I like Peart (and Rush) a lot. I heard my first Rush song in about 1976, and have seen most tours since 1978. I have seen the band and Neil grow and mature through the years without lowering their standards or worrying about meeting anybody else's expectations. I also understand what other people don't like, but that's cool with me as long as they aren't disrespectful of my tastes.

I find it kind of amusing that we discuss best drummers - to me, there can be no best drummer. Each one is like a storyteller; unless you want to hear the same story over and over from the same storyteller, variety is good.
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