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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Real name? Brian

Age? 17, almost 18

How long have you been playing? Less than one year full time, first sat down behind a set at age 13

Origin of user name? I picked it as a username for another forum when I was younger and more annoying and now I use it for everything because it's easy to remember.

Your top 5 drummers? Neil Peart, Mike Mangini, Scott Philips, Mike Portnoy, John Bonham

Make of drumkit? Pearl Forum

Make of cymbal? Factory cymbals from Pearl, hoping to upgrade soon.

Where do you practice? In my basement

Are you in a band? Not at the moment

Do you play covers or originals? Originals

What style of music? Mainly rock and metal(as long as there's not a lot of screaming or growling)

Favourite take out food? KFC, Popeyes, Pizza

What country do you live in? USA

One really odd fact about yourself? Not particularly odd, but I am also a lyric writer.

How did you start drumming? Neighbor loaned his kit a few years back and I decided to try it out. Owner of the kit said he had never seen anyone learn as fast as I did, so I knew I found the first thing in life I was actually good at. Back in January we found the money to buy a Pearl Forum 5-piece kit.
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