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Default Re: Double bass pedal selection help

I would like to add this observation to the discussion.

I played the same Slingerland drum set from 1963 at age 13 to 2013 at age 63. I used a Martin-Fleetfoot Pedal like this one.

Then in 2013 I purchased a used DW 5000 pedal. It had a turbo sprocket like the one in the center of this picture.

I did not like the feel of this new pedal. And I gave it a try for a few months just in case I needed to get used to a new pedal. After all I was trying to break a 50 year old habit.

Then I realized that the DW sprocket on the left the “accelerator sprocket” matched the style (angle) of sprocket that I had been playing for so many years. My old pedal worked more like the DW sprocket pictured on the right.

So, I purchased an accelerator sprocket like the one on the left. And BINGO !........ My new DW pedal felt like home again. ( I guess my foot does not like the turbo sprocket. )

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