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Originally Posted by Jeremy Bender View Post
Agreed. They're expensive but are very well made. Mine was stolen back in the 80's but I replaced it about ten years ago with this model...
My Reunion Blues bag is even older (I bought it in 1980 and still using it). It has aged well and looks worn enough to be cool ;)

Again, it is pricey, but considering it's still going after 30 years, I've never had to replace it, and I probably never will at this point.

I also got a matching color cymbal bag in solid leather (no fabric & leather hybrid) and it's aging just the same and I continue to use it. Very pricey (about $289 when I bought it back then) but it's still strong and I've never had to get another one. The only reason I had to get another is because it's a 22". My favorite ride cymbal is a 24"!
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