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Originally Posted by Muckster View Post
My current stick bag has seen its last days. I'm looking at Protection racket bags at the moment. Anyone have any other recommendations?

Hey Muckster,

I have the Protection Racket stick bag at the moment. I went through a few weak replacements that brought me to the Protection Racket stick bag. I like it a lot. I used to have a 1990's era Tama nylon-style stick bag that exploded. (seam at zipper failed)

But the Protection Racket bag holds a lot of sticks for the size and looks to be made with the same quality as all my Protection Racket drum cases. And I have a lot about fifteen of those things.

I think, for the money, it is a hard one to beat. I am sure I would dig one of those swanky Reunion Blues leather bags, but for now, this thing is GREAT.
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