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Default Re: Can there be free will in a world where pre-destiny exists?

Inspired in part by this thread, I've started reading Sam Harris's book on the concept of free will called, startlingly, "Free Will".

One of the ideas in the book, alluded to here, is the notion that brain scans can show the decision (or "decision") to act in subjects before the subjects themselves are aware of the decision. The conclusion reached is that if you began to move before before you were conscious of a decision to move, the decision is really a subsequent rationalisation of what you were already doing.

Well, I have an alternative hypothesis. Our reactions to stimuli need to be fast because way back when, our survival relied upon our ability to react quickly. (Insert quick and the dead joke here.) Reactions must be based in a very primitive part of our brains.

Verbalising our reactions would have arrived much later, in a more sophisticated part of our brains.

What I think happens is that we process and act on a stimulus faster than we can verbalise what we have done, but it remains a conscious decision.
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