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Default Hey everyone! Been awhile! New gear!

Hey, everyone. I havent been around in quite a while, so I have some new gear to share with you. I picked up this used Ludwig Element 6 piece kit back in January, and I am just now getting around to posting it. Here's the specs:
10x8, 12x9, 13x10 rack toms, 16x16 floor and 22x18 bass. Evans coated G2 batters with stock Ludwig clear resos, and Emad 2 with Emad black resonator on the bass. Right now, depending on where Im playing, I either play with an 80's Pearl Export COS 6.5x14 tuned medium for some gut punches, or a 4.5x12 Sonor Force 3002 Maple piccolo snare tuned nice and tight for some ring. The kit did come with a 6.5x14 snare, but I havent been able to "dial it in" with a sound I like yet.
I love it so far. Nice and easy to tune (when I take my time with it anyways), I can get a nice punchy sound from the whole kit. I have had nothing but compliments on the color, too.Let me know what you guys think! And any head combos are always suggested, as I am far from done seeing what kind of sounds this thing can give me.
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Ludwig Element 6 piece. Axis X pedals. Kasza cymbals. I play the crap out of my drums.
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