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Default Re: Physical fitness?

What works for me: Diet, Running, & Yoga. (I'm 44)

I run roughly 20-30 miles per week. Started when I was 39, "running" 1 mile in TWENTY minutes.

Gave up soda, and anything that wasn't Water, Juice, or Beer.
Most crappy carbs, dairy, junk food, and 90% of the meats that I ate...
Generally follow Dr. Furhrman's "Eat to Live"...

Started this 3 years ago. Wish I would have discovered it years earlier.

Most of these I started about 60lbs ago too. :)

I believe all 3 of these help in different ways, and doubt I could play my kit for several hours at a time without them.

Yikes. That was too much preaching.
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